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My So-Called Haunting

'Scarily good... and spookily sassy! A fab, fun read...'
- Cathy Cassidy, Queen of Teen

My So-Called Haunting

“How many times do I have to ask you to knock?” I yelled at Mary as she drifted through the door of my room and looked me up and down.

“Thou resemblest a strumpet,” she said, staring pointedly at my thigh-skimming skirt. 

Sometimes I had trouble understanding Mary’s weird babbling, but in this case I was getting her loud and clear. Suddenly, my mood was blacker than a vampire’s soul.

Skye, a fourteen-year-old psychic, is stressed out.. Not only is the ghost of a sixteenth-century witch giving her fashion tips, but she’s struggling to settle into life with her aunt, and is developing a crush on the most unattainable boy in the school, Nico. 

When her aunt asks for her help with a troubled teen ghost called Dontay, she's glad of the distraction. But then Nico starts paying her attention, and she's soon facing a battle to keep her love life and her psychic life separate. 

As things get ever more complicated, it looks as though Dontay’s past might cost Skye her future.

Read Chapter 1 now!


Skye Dontay Nico Megan Jeremy Celestine Mary

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