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My So-Called Afterlife

Highly Commended in the Booktrust Teenage Prize

"Boy meets-girl but so refreshingly different."
– The Bookseller

My So-Called Afterlife


Lucy Shaw is a ghost with problems. First, she’s stuck haunting the men’s toilets on Carnaby Street, not the best place to spend eternity. Second, no-one can see or hear her. And third, the man who killed her last New Year’s Eve is still on the loose. Is it any wonder her mood is blacker than a tramp’s fingernails?

So when a lighting engineer called Jeremy walks into the toilet and asks her what she’s doing there she’s not exactly Miss Congeniality. But given that he’s the only person who can see her, she decides to overlook the fact that he’s drippier than a toddler’s nose and accepts his offer of help. Before she knows it, she’s out of the toilet and meeting other ghosts, including the emotionally unstable Hep and the lip-smackingly gorgeous Ryan.

Together, they track down Lucy’s killer, encountering meerkats, exorcists, and the world’s stroppiest tattoo artist along the way. Will their efforts to catch Lucy’s murderer succeed? What happens if they do? And just how do you go about snogging the boy of your dreams when you don’t actually have lips anymore?

There’s only one way to find out the answers to these questions…beg, borrow or steal* a copy of My So-Called Afterlife!

* Don’t actually do this one. Your parents will go nutso and I’ll probably get in trouble for telling you to do it. Just get the book out of the library or something. Better still, buy it. I could do with some new GHDs.

Read Chapter 1 now! Lucy's Old Look!
Lucy's Old Look!


Lucy Ryan Jeremy Hep Kimberly Celestine Elvira


"Genuinely laugh out loud funny… a unique, witty and heartfelt story." – Rhiana Reads

"Ever wondered if ghosts can kiss? This book has the answer." – I Was A Teenage Book Geek

"Deeply moving and beautiful and funny and quirky…a must read." – My Favourite Books

"Probably the best book I've read this year!" – The Mile Long Bookshelf

"Had me at the first line....a rather gorgeous book." – Five Minutes Peace

"Memorable characters, sparkling dialogue, incredible humour and moments of nail-biting tension… everything a great story needs." – Bookzone 4 Boys

"A breezy, funny, feel-good take on one girl's afterlife - recommended!" – Chicklish

"Ever tried putting your pyjamas on with an ipod in one hand and a book in the other? I couldn’t stop reading it." – Gemma, aged 15

"A sharp, funny and moving debut." – So Little Time For Books

"One of the funniest opening lines I've encountered… a writer to watch." - Wondrous Reads

"You'll love it, whether you're 15 or 50." - Mel, aged 21 (ish)

"Can’t recommend it enough." – Bookersatz

"Altogether a funny, insightful and totally original debut!" - Novelicious


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