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Harriet Houdini – Stunt Bunny: Tour Troubles

My So-Called Afterlife

Fresh from her success on Saturday night TV talent show, Search for a Superstar, Harriet Houdini is back in action, this time as the star of Superpets Live! With visions of posh hotels, meeting adoring fans and performing her famous bunny-backflips in front of live audiences, Harriet can't wait for the tour of Superpets. But evil Miranda wants her opera-singing poodle, Doodle, to be the headline act...whatever it takes. So Harriet's going to need all her Stunt Bunny tricks to make sure she remains the star of the show!

Meet Harriet and all the gang again in Stunt Bunny: Tour Troubles!


Harriet Houdini Susie Wilson EE Spike-tacular Number 1 Fan Doodle The Great Maldini Gloria Goodwood


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