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Tamsyn has had pets all her life and her house is a bit like a zoo. Currently, she has five bunnies, one cat, one dog, one daughter and one husband. She has also adopted a baby jaguar through the World Wildlife Foundation but he doesn’t live in her house, because that would be just a little bit too crazy.

Here you can find out a little more about each of her pets.


Ronnie and Roxy

The Bunnies:

Ronnie and Roxy

These two sisters are VIPs – Very Important Pets. Not sooner had Tamsyn brought them home than Roxie tried a daring escape, which gave Tamsyn the original idea for the Stunt Bunny books. Their breed is a mixture of Netherland Dwarf and Lion Hair. Most days, they can be found living the celebrity lifestyle in their deluxe hutch, munching on organic dandelion leaves and giving interviews to O.K(hay) magazine.

Snoop Bunny Bun

Snoop is the reason Tamsyn isn’t allowed to go to the pet shop on her own any more. He was all alone in a cage when she popped in for some rabbit food and it was love at first sight. Snoop is a Lop Eared bunny and Tamsyn thinks he might have been a dog in a former life because he is so friendly and affectionate. He also once bit her on the bottom during a fight with Dre (pronounced ‘Dray’, see below) but Tamsyn hopes it was a case of mistaken identity.

Snoop Bunny Bun

Dre (pronounced ‘Dray’)

Dre is a Dwarf rabbit and the smallest of all Tamsyn’s bunnies. He has soft black fur from head to toe, apart from one or two white hairs in the middle of his back. Unlike Snoop, he can be shy but he loves a good chin tickle and spends a lot of time just watching what is going on around him. He doesn’t really like carrots but he loves dandelion leaves and sometimes he snacks on important letters if they are left too close to his cage.


Dizzy is the latest addition to Tamsyn’s zoo and she got her name because she runs around in circles whenever anyone opens her cage. Dizzy was loaned to Tamsyn for a Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation book signing and it went so well that she couldn’t give the rabbit back at the end. Dizzy is a Dwarf Lop Eared bunny and her favourite food (apart from dandelion leaves) is the little carrot-flavoured chocolate drops Tamsyn gets from the pet shop. She is super speedy and provides lots of idea for future Stunt Bunny adventures.


The Cat:

Tabby Taz is Tamsyn’s oldest pet – she is 17 years old, which is 84 in cat years! No-one seems to have told Taz she’s an old lady, though, and she can often be found racing around. Her previous adventures include falling out of a window and getting lost during a house move. She is a very friendly cat and likes being stroked but she can be grumpy if you don’t do it in the right way. Most of the time, she gets on with the other pets but she’s not a big fan of Lillie (see below). Taz inspired the character of Tornado Taz in Stunt Bunny: Rabbit Racer, out in 2011.

The Dog:

Don’t be fooled by this super-cute picture; Lillie is a naughty puppy. She’s a chocolate Labrador and is now one and a half years old (about 8 in dog years). Lillie loves the other pets but she plays rough and they tend to be a bit scared of her. She gets very excited when she sees Taz and tries to make friends by flipping her up in the air – don’t try this with your own friends. Her favourite foods include EVERYTHING and she has tried to eat most things, from CDs and batteries to shoes and the sofa. Luckily, she is mega friendly and very loving so Tamsyn forgives her.

Lillie the puppy


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