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Once upon a time there was a little girl called Tamsyn. She was a strange child who believed Guy Fawkes lived in the attic outside her bedroom and that there was a flush monster in the toilet. Even when she was small, Tamsyn loved reading and one of her earliest memories is burying her nose in a book. These days she prefers making up her own stories. Here are some more interesting facts about Tamsyn:

She lives with her daughter and son, five rabbits, one dog and one cat. Oh and her husband.

When she was four, she came third in a beauty contest and had a lovely tiara and a fluffy cape to wear.

Her favourite subject at school was English – no prizes for guessing that one!

She can lick her own elbow. Not many people can do this. Can you?

Her favourite foods are cookie dough ice cream and fish finger sandwiches, but not on the same plate, because that would be yucky.

If she wasn’t a writer, she’d like to be an actress, a singer, a zoo-keeper and a princess. Hang on, she is all of these things (except princess, she's still working on that one).

Tamsyn is super proud to be Patron of Reading at Oakmere Primary School and The Wroxham School.

Meet Tamsyn! Pet's Corner 2 Minutes with Tamsyn
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